Monday, August 15, 2011

Nunu drew a picture of Momma today using Doodle Buddy. In this picture you can clearly see Momma playing Soccer (or Basketball?) with all the "Bugs and stuff" while, apparently, "Eating berries!" at a "Huge party!" I'm rather suprised that Momma didn't completley freak out due to the fact that there's a giant bug on her face! But I guess that's due to the fact that she was too busy eating berries and playing Soccer (or Basketball). I would really like to see Momma smiling when she's playing Soccer (or Basketball) and there's this giant bug on her face, then throw in the fact that she's eating berries, with Diso Lights above her, what kind of game is this? (Maybe Basketball?)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Fire Face has lots and lots of fire!

Nunu's really started getting into the "Fire Face" above. The logo is from Hot Head Burritos, a place we never go to, but Nunu loves it. She takes the little coupons and pictures and puts them in her wallet. Then pays all her stuffed animals with it (though she promptly yells at them for a non-existent reason and takes them back). I tried asking for one, she warned me "It's to fiery, it'll burn your hands!" I asked why it wasn't burning the hands of her and her stuffed animals. She acted really offended, I mean really offended. She gritted her teeth, pointed at me, and commanded that I go to timeout, "RIGHT AWAY!!" While confused, and En Route to the timeout area, she threw one of my books that I had left in her room. Claiming that it was "Awful" and "Messy". 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

First Drawing...

Nunu claims that this drawing is, "SO CUTE!" when asked why, she claimed that it "Looked like it was from Australia!" When questioned further she simply said "Nope. No more."